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so today, i woke up and i think i already said this but i read my tea leaves and found a tree which is supposed to mean improvement.  i hope so.   last night was made into much fun thanks to sarah's and my vidoe broadcast tea party.  wonderous fun  (:3 ::that is my little muffin friend thing that i just made.

so anyway, i had a test today in chemistry and i have a sneaking suspicion that i did really really bad on it.  i ran out of time and i had to just fill in some that i had skipped over for the time being.  then i had a chem lab after that.  it was literally the same lab as last week but set up different and we had to use the "bunsen burners on steroids" as Dr. Wickenheiser calls them.  

i came back to the room after chemistry and realized that i dont have english class today...so instead i am laying on the floor and updating.  i went to the library to get a picture laminated and i asked the girl, i asked "hey miss...miss, can you laminate this here picture for me?" and she told me that i had to wait for the machine to heat up for about 10 minutes.  so, i went through the library and looked through some random books.  the floor that i was on was mostly composed of journals so they were pretty boring.  nevertheless, i found interest in a large compilation of "LOOK" magazine issues from somewhere between 1960 and 1974.   i was looking at the old ads and articles and i have come to realize that most of the ads from that era are all about cigarettes.  "WITH ACTIVE CARBON!"  it must have been before we knew that inhaling active carbon and tar just isnt good for you:)  hmm....    anyway! i went to the machine after a while and told the girl that it was ready so we laminated the picture.  then she asked for 45 cents and i handed her my cat card (since the only way you can pay for [printing or copying is with that card) and she told me that they did not accept that.  so...i had to walk all the way down the hill back to my room and find some change and then walk back up the hill to the LRC and pay for the damn picture!  i was mucho pissed!

well now that i have no class and no homework whatsoever because i had a test today, i have done quite a long little thing

i had an extremely wierd dream or series of dreams last night.  the first one was that i took my ipod and plugged it into my computer and it worked like it should have. but then it was importing songs from itunes and it said something about too much being downloaded at one time and then it went back to being broken.  
then, in the second one, i had a nipple piercing...yea...and i had to take it out for someting earlier that day and i was looking for it in a tote bag.  then i asked my sister if she had it and she said no.  so i was pissed and thinking someone stole it but then i looked in the bag again and it was in a corner of it, covered by a little pile of dirt or something.   it was really weird...

i woke up today with a lot of stuff to do for some reason...
i took a shower, then went directly to breakfast, came back and made some tea, and then began studying for my exam today. 

i have had like an awesomely fun and crazy weekend. omg i love doing stuff...

well, friday, ashley (courtney's sister) came up here to visit. courtney and dominic drove to the bridge to get her and guide her back to NMU. well on the way, somehting happened and she sroev into a snowbank! haha. i wasnt there but it sounded funny. that night, rachel and i went to the dog sled races. it was downtown on the roads and there were tons of dogs tied up everywhere just like screaming and bar king like crazy. it hurt my soul a little bit. it was unbelieveably cold that night! i have seriously never experienced cold like that in my life. and this is a winter of record high temps! :( it makes me scared for the next winter. we met up with ashley, courtney, and dominic. after a really short while, we decided that we should go back to the dorm because we were fucking cold.

we got to my room and realized that ashley had literally gotten frostbite on her ear! crazy! we watched some tv and hung out. it was loads of fun. drunk people kept coming in and it was really funny! there was a guy with a giant chicken head walking around. we heard that someone was selling jelo shots and we felt crazy so we went looking for them, court, dom, and i, but when we got to the door we chickened out. then we heard it open and dominic and i like freaking booked it down the hall! omgosh it was so hilarious. after that, we walked around for while and tlaked to dominic's friends and then went back to the room.

i was sitting at my desk and someone knocked on the door and then andrew walked in and i was like "holy shit!" he came up to see us all the way from metro-detroit! it was crazy suprising. haha. omg

then yesterday, umm..oh yea! we got up and went to the UC to eat breakfast and get some hockey tickets. after that, i went into town and got myself a haircut! i really like it except for the fact that it was $16 which is the most i have ever paid for a haircut in my life. and it was the cheapest one that wouldnt chop my hair and make my forehead bleed. it turned out somewhat like a foux-hawk and i like it:)
after the haircut, i went to the movies and cried a little bit. ok i'll admit it, i cried a lot! like hardcore! oh man!
after the movie, we went to the hockey game. it was so much fun! this one time, the puck flew out of the rink, over all of the seats and hit the wall right above the people walking around the top. then this little kid like pounced out of his seat and ran up to get it. but he was too late. We won 5-1 and then they brought out a huge trophy and i was like OOooh bonus! we won somehting big. haha it was awesome!

when we got back to the dorms, we went down into the basement and made some food. i kept trying to throw things at people and whatever i threw or wherever i threw it, it always gravitated toward ashley and smacked her in the face! it was so hilarious! oh man. i felt bad tho!

well today we are planning to go see RENT on the cmapus cinema! that should be loads of fun! especially since i am going to starbucks first! maybe!

Feb. 17th, 2006

yesterday, jeremy left to go to matt's for the weekend. so i did some tv excersizes. then later that night, courtney, rachel and dominic came over and we played euchre. it was a lot of fun even though i lost. rachel left to make a phone call so we played harry potted scene it. dominic won, of course, because he is a crazy HP phanatic! but i came in a close second. i would have won if i said sirius black instead of professor lupin. oh well.

after that game, i decided that we needed to go to wal mart because i needed some more tea and some antiperspant deodorant. so we trudged to the car through the freaking blizzard. it was crazy. we were driving and i came to a stop light and i got stuck in the snow! i couldnt move and i was just sitting there. then everyone behind me started going around me. the person right behind me was like right on my ass and he wouldnt back up so i could unstick myself. fucking bitch! i eventually got muself unstuck and we went on our merry way. i got some tea, cheez-its, cookies, and deodorant. it was actually a lot of fun..mainly because dominic is freaking crazy.
i was checking out and he asked the cashier "do you have any spritzers?" and the guy said "sthprithzers? i dont think we have any sthprithzers. what are they?" then dominic like busted out laughing and saying "oh i need a spritzer" and he fell to the ground. he was just like laying on the ground laughing in front of the cash register and the guy thought he was drunk or something. everyone was looking at him and it was freaking hilarious.

we got back to the dorm and i got stuck in the fucking parking lot again. i hate snow!

i had chemistry today, and since it is friday, we had a crazy chemical reaction. dr. wickenheiser put some soap in an erlenmyre flask and then added some consentrated hydrogen peroxide. it started foaming, looking like that insluation stuff that you squirt and it fills places and then dries. then it came out of the top of the flask and ketp falling on itself and piling up. it just jept growing and growing. it became a humungus fluffy puffball about the size of three watermelons and it was going to fall off of the table so he started jiggling the tray and saying "heyyyyy heyyyy heyyyy"

omg it was wonderous!

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i am sitting in art history class right now. i was really struggling to stay awake and so, i decided that i needed to do something to keep m consciousness so i decided to update.


ok so now i am no longer in art history class. i am in mythology. it is just beginning so i am going to wait to tell how it goes. it is promised to be quite an interesting one


ok well that really was very interesting!  she said that she had a suprise for us.  it was a video of the only available footage of the original paintings in the caves of lascaux, which i had already seen about two weeks ago in my art history class.  i messed around on the internet because i had already seen it.  when the movie was done, someone's computer started playing the theme song from the Pink Panther.  She heard it and started telling us her philosophy about how the minds of modern people are fragmented by so many things that we really dont know who we are.  then she started raising her voice because this one girl just couldnt seem to detatch  herself from the conversation that she was having on AIM.  

after that little thing, she pulled out a shamanic drum and told us that we were going to go on an inner journey.  she told us that our goal was to travel to the underworld, which is not necessarily a good or bad place, and find our power animal.  
i sat on the floor and she started beating her drum really softly and relaxing us with words.  then she began to beat louder in a constant monotonous rhythm.   She stopped talking and let us take our journey

this is what i saw:

I was in a meadow of grass.  it was only green grass and the blue sky.  streams and whisps of water started coming out of my chest and then wrapped around me and i became water.  I seeped into the ground and went through the dirt.  i could feel it.  then i came out through the ceiling of a cave and fell into a pool on the floor.  i could feel myself so i must have turned into a human again. but i was completely underwater because everything started moving back and forth, back and forth. then everything that was swaying morphed into a fish that was swishing its tail through the water.  i followed it for a while and then realized that my power animal must be a fish.  we came to a diffferent room and it got very dark.  then i saw a human face in front of me and looking down on me.  it moved its mouth but i couldnt hear anything.  everything was swirling and my entire body was constantly tingling like i got a really long case of the chills.  i stopped being able to feel my hands because they turned into little fins.  then for about a minute, one spot on my back hurt where a fin grew out of it.  My neck hurt and i couldnt move it if i tried.  then i lost the feeling in my feet and they fused into one caudal fin.    i could feel myself as a fish.  then the drumming turned into three very slow beats and i realized that i was in the underworld.  then they gor really rapid and loud.  i morphed back into a human and then back into water.  i seeped up through the ceiling and then through the dirt.  my eyes were movine extremely fast and i could feel them.  i couldnt control them.  it felt like my entire body was tingling like when your hand falls asleep and its prikley.  i was moving really fast and then i came to the grassy meadow and changed back into a human.  then i opened my eyes.

after the whole thing, she had us write what happened exactly so i did.  i wrote a whole page of it and i think i must have done it in about a minute.  it was really quick.  and my eyes felt really different.

so aparently my power animal is a fish...


that was one of the strangest and most interesting experiences that i have ever had!


adopt your own virtual pet!

i would like to introduce you all to my little pet goldfish! his name is devon patrick haysey and he lives in my myspace. he is a goldfish from the south pacific. he likes talking about fire and that place "up where they walk, up where they run, uo where they stay all day in the sun."

he likes watching Most extreme elimination challenge and eating octopus sushi. and, he is a very good friend to talk to and has a great sense of humor.

Feb. 15th, 2006

well i got up rather early today regardless of the fact that i didnt have class until noon. i got a lot of reading done, some english homework that demanded a lot of creativity from me which isnt too good in the morning, had some tea, did some laundry, talked to people, and cleaned my little area. it was actually quite fun to do so much in a little amound of time because i waited till i had like 30 minutes left to do all of it....well except for the laundry because it takes a long time, but i digress.

art class was exceedingly interesting. we are learning about greece and i dont know why, but i am captivated by its artistry and architecture. a very large thanks goes out to Tomb Raider which has, once again, supplied me with useful knowledge. i love it.

mythology was cut short today which was not anything to omplain about. So, i got some S*BUX and went back to my room. i did some homework and some writing of my new paper that i am working on. then jeremy, courtney, rachel, and matt went to applebee's so i did some yoga from a show! oh hell it felt soo good! it was an awesome way to relieve my stress that i gained from my ipod that is currently lying on his death bed. :'(

i hope he will be ok!

at any rate, i was like extremely tired for a while until they all came home and gave me some fettuccini. i just ate it and it was yummy. they stayed for a while and we played euchre. fun stuff.

well, i think this was an entry full of meaningless ramblings so i will stop................................................................................now.

oh P.S. happy valentine's day. my mom said i cant use my cell phone anymore....ever.
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i have a freaky deaky question! if i have a free LJ account, is it possible for me to download a set of mood face picture things and then use them? if so (but probably not) and you know how i may be able to do it....lemme know!